Week 5: Birthday Week!

Hello all, once again! (: This past week was fantastic and it was spirit week for Homecoming! We got to dress up each day for a theme, and I got to have fun with all of my friends while doing it. The order of days (and pictures below) went pajama day, frat day, and swag day. It made me happy to have those around me look forward to the outfit of the day, as well as make people smile with my own outfit!

On Friday was our Homecoming football game! Because the Homecoming Court did their presentation at halftime, the marching band performed our performance after the game. For the first time, we played our ballad movement with the opening movement! The show is coming together quickly, and it’s incredible to see the hard work of each band member, leader, and Mrs. Gott paying off.

On Saturday, we celebrated an early birthday with my grandparents and settled in for the day before we would say our Sunday goodbyes.

Then it was Sunday! Becoming a legal adult was suddenly a very real experience as I registered to vote, registered for the Selective Service, and renewed my driver’s license to a Class D from an Intermediate (minor’s) license. I went to Dunkin’ Donuts in the morning to pick up a free birthday drink and took a nice drive on the interstate home as I sipped on my coffee. Later that day, I had 5 friends over and we all hung out, made personal pizzas, and played ping pong for a while! Thoughtful gifts, a wonderful mug, and kind, eloquent words of affirmation were all in store for me. It was a day I won’t forget, thanks to them, and I can’t overstate how blessed I am to have these people in my life; I love each of them and I can’t wait to keep doing life with them as an adult (:

I read over Psalm 37 in my quiet time this morning and it reminded me how faithful the Lord is to His children, how steadfast in all of our worldly issues and situations. It encouraged me in how God has had His hand over my life in the past 18 years, and I can’t wait to keep walking with Him and trust Him with more and more. I’m currently praying that I can become a closer disciple of Him and gain a better understanding of His heart as He impresses it on my own. David encourages us to “wait on the Lord and keep His way” in everything we do, and that is what I strive for and pray for guidance in.

Until next week, bye for now!

-Luke Wanca