Week 4

Greetings, all! We finished up this fourth week of senior year, continually trekking through what school has to offer. The week wasn’t all that eventful, but there were a few highlights!

On Wednesday, our youth group hosted a mental health question panel where we brought in three different Christian counselors/professionals and they answered anonymous questions and common concerns about mental health in high school. It was beautiful to see some of the honesty as groups form, as well as see what the Lord is doing in the hearts of others. Prayers for connection and His light to shine through were answered, and it was a fruitful night for everyone involved.

On Friday we had another home football game! This was against the #2 team in the state, so we didn’t stand a chance, but it was very fun to get to march, entertain, and drum under the Friday night lights! The drumline decided to do a small thing for our cheer and dance teams as well: when we replaced our drum heads on Friday, we signed a few of the used bass heads and gave them to the cheer and dance teams as a gift, as well as individually addressed snare and quad heads to the seniors on each team! The drumline loves getting to perform with them for the student section in the fourth quarter of each home game, and they deserved to know that! Here’s to a continued great season for our football, dance, and cheer teams (:

Saturday evening, my grandparents flew in from Alaska to spend this next week with us, as well as celebrate my brother and I’s birthday! Our family hasn’t seen them since October 2019, so it was refreshing to see them and spend time with them over this weekend, and I look forward to spending the week with them!

On Sunday, I decided to take a deeper dive into writing and write a small poem. It’s addressed to myself, in a sense, but also shares biblical truth through the lens of advice to a shepherd. It’s a small thing, but enjoy it! (You may have to zoom in on the screenshot to read it well.)

Today was Labor Day, hence why I waited to write this post until after today, and we all spent the afternoon adventuring at Fort Loudoun! I usually like to have more of a plan, but even in the changes and impromptu decisions, the Lord grew my patience and I could observe Him moving in my heart and changing what previously would have been a tough situation for me to be in. Praise be to Him, and it is amazing to see the Lord work in your heart in everyday situations! When we got home, I got to grill burgers for our family and settle down for the evening and relax. It was a good weekend with family (: Below are a few pictures from today’s excursions:

I’ll be praying for strength in this coming week, as well as small moments to take it all in…it sure will be a busy week, but I know the Lord calls us to rest in Him and not in our circumstances. My big reminders through September and especially this busy week are to be still and know that He is God (Ps. 46:10) and to let my heart take courage to wait upon the Lord (Ps. 27:14).

Next week’s post will be a special edition because it’s the week of my birthday (Sunday the 12th)! Here’s to new memories, treasured times, and further glory given to our king, Jesus, as I step into adulthood!

-Luke Wanca