Week 6

Hello all! This week went by quickly, but had some particularly exciting events! I am blessed beyond measure to be where God has placed me and to take part in His beautiful story, serving Him.

On Tuesday in Personal Finance class, we had an assignment to create a jingle about credit scores…hence creating “Mary Had a Credit Score” with my close friend, and singing it shakily to the class. 10/10, Mary got a mortgage! A truly happy ending for her.

The middle of the week progressed as normal with marching band rehearsals and youth group (I played drums for worship this week); it is becoming easier to settle into an established routine of what my week looks like, as well as managing the (minimal) homework I have throughout the week. This is good news to me, as it gives me more time to spend in God’s Word (currently in the book of Judges), read from some of the great historical theologians (currently reading The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer), and spend time filling out college applications slowly but surely.

On Thursday, fantastic news had come: my counselor had submitted my preliminary high school transcript to Liberty University, and I got an email congratulating me on my acceptance! This is my top choice school, and the Lord has blessed me with opportunities awaiting me there to grow in Him, grow in knowledge, and grow in experience. If He is willing, I pray to be able to spend my college years there and advance His kingdom in Lynchburg, as well as prepare myself to advance His kingdom far beyond my college days.

As well, someone put a treble clef in the men’s restroom in the music hall? Not quite sure why, but it sure did make a statement.

On Friday, the band did not attend our team’s away game, but we tried on our shakos (fancy marching band hats) in class and it was great to put mine on again. Because we didn’t wear them last season, it had been nearly two years since I wore mine last. It was a cool moment to think about where I was then compared to where I am now, in each aspect of my life.

On Saturday, we had an all-day band rehearsal! It was exhausting in every aspect, but we performed the first full run of our halftime/competition show! I’m grateful to have gotten to dress up in our drumline tanktops (shoutout to Maverick), have a good rehearsal, and enjoy the time I’ve been given with these people I care about.

Today, I attended church and a student leadership meeting for youth group. Despite a really small turnout, I’m so grateful to have honest, biblical discussions about the needs of our high schoolers and how we can best serve the group of students who attend our services. Our numbers have shrunken in the past couple of years, but the Lord has constantly put it on my heart that it is He who draws us to ministry and His church, and we can use this opportunity to focus our youth group solely on Him; as we shepherd the sheep we have, the Lord will bring others with it. Continued prayers for wisdom, guidance, and being a light to others within this group of students are appreciated! It is a blessing and a privilege to get to work alongside our church’s youth group staff to help share the needs of our students, provide options, and pray for our students (and staff) collectively.

This coming week is looking to be an even busier one. After last week, my heart was overloaded at times in the burdens of my responsibilities in the world. The Lord has continually taught me how to surrender those to Him and allow His Spirit to be the driving force behind the work we do. In everything, surrender is the answer to truly let the light of the Lord shine. I pray Psalm 27 over myself, to remind myself of the Lord’s provision, care, light, and timing. I trust in His strength in each of my weaknesses, and I trust in His new mercies and joy to encourage my weary heart. Thank you for encouraging me on this journey and keeping me in your prayers, if you are reading this.

Here is to another week of seeing Jesus’s kingdom come and His will be done. Let us be obedient to Him, and “encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

-Luke Wanca