Week 13

Hello all! This was another good, albeit hard, week of November and it is starting to get colder! I don’t like it! At least I get to wear my hoodies and blankets and socks and all of the good things now.

Monday was an average day, and I got to start memorizing my poem for our English class’s Poetry Out Loud competition. I’m reciting “Battle-Hymn of the Republic” and am hoping to win my class’s competition and move on to the school competition!

Tuesday was another normal day that I decided to dress up a little bit for school! Because marching band is over, I enjoy getting to not bring 3 changes of clothes each day. I had a rehearsal for our Student Worship Night coming up, and I am grateful to get to play keys for it! That will be this coming Wednesday, the 17th, and I look forward to having a night of dedicated worship to our Heavenly Father.

Wednesday was signing day for our high school student-athletes, and I was proud to go support them in the morning during their ceremony! It was emotional to think about the upcoming changes in our lives, but also it was a wonderful opportunity to praise God for the changes He is placing in our lives to move forward with His plans. That night, I led worship for our youth group and got to hear our worship resident speak on the importance and role of worship in the lives of Christians.

Thursday, Veterans Day, was a nice off-day for me as the band participated in the Knoxville Veterans Day parade. Afterward, we all headed to the West Town Mall for lunch and some shopping. It was a good day and a fitting close to wearing our uniforms and being all together as a band one last time.

On Friday, a small group of the band went to the second playoff game, where we won 27-24! I initially did not want to go to the game and was quite insistent on being smug and having a poor attitude for the night…but the Lord reached out to me, dawned kindness on me, and allowed me to enjoy the night in His presence. Joy is one of the true marks of a Christian, and it is not our own joy, but the joy of He who gives it to us.

Saturday, I relaxed, made my Christmas playlist, and allowed myself to enjoy warmth and comfort on a day off. In my up and down days, I am further relying on the Lord for my comfort and strength, and it is beautiful to see Him further take me out of my own feelings and despair. I find myself coming out of my own heart and ways and turning with a desperate sinner’s heart towards Christ my Lord. The Lord has been teaching me further about sanctification and the strength He gives us to walk with Him. It is not the strength from our own flesh, but strength from His grace in mercifully calling us to be His restored children. As I write this, I feel the Lord’s peace over me in a culmination of what He has taught me over this hard week and how reliance on Him is truly the only way to true life. Despite our emotions, our God is so much greater than anything our flesh could do or not do. He is greater than our self-inflicted wounds of despair and hate. Most of all, He is so much greater than our sinful flesh, and He is so faithful to keep us in His hands: the hands of the everlasting.

Today I attended church and a student leadership meeting to plan our Christmas party! I am taking today to rest in the Lord and allow His grace to wash over me in all ways. My growth and my deeds in this season and life are attributed to Him always; glory be to God and His Son who set me free.

-Luke Wanca