Week 14

Hello all! This was a good week with pretty smooth sailing, and I’m really grateful to all of the people in my life who have come alongside me; I’m even more grateful for the Lord my God for strengthening me in all things and equipping me to live for Him through His grace.

On Monday, nothing too eventful happened at school, but I got coffee with one of my church leaders who is a good friend of mine. It’s always so encouraging to share my life with her and share back and forth about the things God is doing in our lives and what He is teaching us each day. I’m so blessed to get to grab coffee with her and that she comes alongside me to do life. Shoutout to you, “Grace”! (:

Tuesday, I had pit band rehearsal for the school musical coming up. I remembered that the cast, crew, and band all get Starbucks and Noodles & Co. for the tech week and dress rehearsal days. Those are some fANTASTIC bonuses to being involved with an already fun production…I’m looking forward to it!

Wednesday was our Student Worship Night at youth group, and I am so blessed to be a part of our worship band. It was a powerful and wonderful night to take intentional time to worship our great God, and it was an honor to serve and play keys for the night! One of my new favorite hymns was included in the night, “Jesus Paid It All”, and it has been in my mind and heart ever since. What a great reminder of how God came in flesh to take on our burdens, our sins, and our grievances and brought us to righteousness with God through Him. I’ve been learning more and more about the significance of Jesus coming in the flesh and how we can call Him Lord, and how His atonement and resurrection are so clearly marked as the total payment for our transgressions. Praise God for loving us enough to send His precious Son as our righteous, permanent sacrifice!

Thursday was another pit band rehearsal! Despite not having a lot of our usual pit that day, it was a lot of fun to stay in the back with a relaxed rehearsal, fill out the extra parts, and get to play some cowbell. It was even better because earlier we had performed the musical numbers with the vocal ensemble and we figured out what all of our cues were for entrances and exits. It was very encouraging to perform it with them and see it all come together.

On Friday was (finally) our last football game. Our team kept advancing in the playoffs, but their road ended on Friday with a close loss against Maryville. I got Sprite Cranberries for the drumline before the game because IT DO BE THAT TIME OF YEAR. HYPE. It was also a really fun game because one of my close friends got to play snare drum with me! Our other snare drums could not make it to the game, so she volunteered to play snare because she knew some of the music and technique from rehearsing. It was a lot of fun, and it was a good way to close out the season with a smile! (:

Saturday, I attended the FHS boys’ and girls’ basketball home openers in the morning! I got a free t-shirt from it and got to see some amazing basketball being played. I’m so excited that basketball season is back and that I know so many of the talented players on each team. After that, I played drums for our Saturday evening service.

Today, I played drums for our Live Sunday services in the morning and got to spend some time in worship with close staff members I know. It’s so clear to me that the Lord knew what He was doing in bringing those people around me and allowing them to encourage me in what He has for me in the coming seasons of my life. Later today, I decorated my room for Christmas and watched Home Alone to get in the Christmas mood!

Here is to another good week, and for Thanksgiving coming up on Thursday! By God’s grace, His grace alone, I move forward.

-Luke Wanca