The Prologue: Part 2

Hello! Only one more week until school officially starts, and this past week was the second half of band camp! This week was long and hot, as the temperature got up to 98° consistently (with a RealFeel of 106°). Thankfully we pushed through and were able to perform our opening movement of the show!

The thing I am most thankful for this week is my friends. I couldn’t imagine doing this week without them, and I am beyond blessed to have such fun, caring, kind, and helpful people to do band and life with. Especially because we all play different instruments (or none at all), it is so cool to share band from our different perspectives in how we hear and experience things and lead our respective sections. Through all of the week’s ups and downs, I’m so grateful for this group of people helping me through it, and it is an honor to get to help them through it as well (:

As well, the drumline made a new friend: our beloved pet ladybug Perkins. He landed on one of us on Tuesday, and clung to us, so we kept him safe, gave him a home, and declared July 31st to be his birthday! I’ve never seen the drumline care about anything more than Perkins, and it absolutely made my week to get to take care of Perkins. We love you, buddy <3

As I head into the final week of summer vacation, I’m looking forward to spending time with my friends and some of my mentors from church who faithfully walk alongside me, care for me, and help me grow in the things that God has placed in front of me. Stepping into August, I’m praying for a fresh start to the school year, increasing fire in my faith, and open doors to what the Lord has next for me! Each school year brings a unique set of opportunities to the table, and I look forward to what those are this year.

Here’s to one last week of vacation, leaning into faith, and faithfully resting in the shadow of His wings (Psalm 91).

-Luke Wanca