Fall Break

Hello all!

It’s been a relaxing, restful week during fall break and I am so thankful to have that opportunity to unwind, take a seat, and do things I enjoy. On Monday, I watched the Rays’ struggle to take on the Red Sox in the ALDS and fall in four games. It was hard to see their record-breaking season end so quickly, but I hand it to the Red Sox for beating us with an outstanding showing by Kike Hernandez.

Tuesday, I began filling out my FAFSA and had some fun catching up on some of the more recent James Bond movies! Skyfall and Spectre were very well done and I enjoyed getting immersed in the films so I could see the newest one, No Time to Die, on Wednesday. The film was a fitting ending to Daniel Craig’s tenure as Bond, and it was wonderful to see it in the theater for the full experience.

the name’s Bonk. Jimmy Bonk.

On Thursday, my discount Rays jersey came in the mail! I didn’t think it would end up coming, but it paid off as I tried it on and wore it around the house on one of my relaxing days this week. 11/10, would order again.

Friday, we had a home football game! It wasn’t a full band game, due to many being out of town for fall break, but we got to play some stand tunes, hang out, and have fun with a smaller group of the band! It was stressful at times, but I’m grateful to have gotten a home game to play tunes during before our final home game (senior night!) on the 29th.

On Saturday, I heard the wonderful news that stores began selling eggnog for the holiday season. Of course, I rushed out that afternoon and got my own half-gallon to celebrate early! If only they sold eggnog year-round…

Today, I attended church and a youth group leadership meeting to help determine details of our final stretch of the semester and pray over what we can do as students to reach out with the gospel in our schools.

But even bigger…

I shaved my beard.

My face was really really cold today and it was strange to feel it for the first few hours too, but I like the look and I’m glad that I stepped out and took the plunge! It was even more fun to see my friends’ reactions and encouragement after nine months of having a beard.

In these final two weeks of marching band season, I’m praying for a new closeness with God as I continue in obedience to Him and as we grind out the final details of our marching band show. May God in His kindness continue to work in me, sanctify me, set me apart from the world, and invite me to continually submit myself to Him. I look forward to seeing God’s transformation in me in this new season of life, of faith, and of trust in His sovereignty and perfect ways.

May the Lord bless and keep you, may He make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift his countenance towards you and give you unspeakable peace.

-Luke Wanca